Rajini does it again and topped the trend!

A picture of Superstar Rajinikanth driving his younger daughter Soundarya’s swanky Lamborghini RT Max wearing a KN95 mask has gone viral on social networking sites.

The hashtag #LioninLamborghini created by his fans topped India trends.

Though it is unclear where the 69-year-old Superstar was headed to, sources say during the lockdown Rajini often spends time at his farmhouse in Kelambakkam.

And the Baasha star prefers to drive himself, giving a break to the host of drivers in his employ, while safeguarding himself from possible Coronavirus infection.

He is spending his leisure time engaging in long conversations over the phone with his close friends and catching up on old movies in his home theatre. In the evening he does yoga, besides an hour of brisk walking.

Rajini is also a voracious reader, and sources say that his farmhouse has a library with several genres of books, including fiction and spirituality.

A simple, unplanned picture of him going viral and trending on top slot once again proves the kind of stardom Rajinikanth enjoys nationally.

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