Rajinikanth fans put up posters asking him to start his political journey

Rajinikanth’s tweet on a statement about his health and political entry has created a furor. His fans, who have been waiting for nearly 25 years for his political entry, are a disappointed lot and they think that his tweet is a sign of preparing them to receive the message from Thalaivar at a later date that he won’t be entering politics and abandoning the idea of a political revolution. This has made them upset and some of them have started a thread on social media asking Rajini to enter politics and announce it soon.

They also made the #RajinikanthPoliticalEntry, #RajinikanthPoliticalRevolution and #ஓட்டுன்னுபோட்டாரஜினிக்குதான் trending on the social media.Fans have put up posters in Chennai and also in several parts of Tamil Nadu asking him to come to politics. Many have started gathering in front of his house in Poes Garden, too. Several fans are wearing T shirts with slogans asking Rajini to kick-start his political journey without which a revolution in politics will not happen in Tamil Nadu. In the meanwhile, some of his fans have also started a fast in front of his farm house on the outskirts of Chennai. However, Rajinikanth has been keeping mum and his tweet mentions that he would take a decision after discussing his health issue and politics with his fans association and announce a decision. Cinema and political observers expect that he may announce about shelving his political ambitions on the occasion of his birthday on December 12.

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