Superstar Rajini ambivalent on political plunge, but BJP optimistic

MYSURU: Superstar Rajinikanth says in one of his movies — No one can tell when or how I’ll arrive — but I always do, when the time is right. It seems the right time has not yet come for him to take a plunge into politics. He seems to have been in a dilemma in the last three years – to be or not to be in politics.

With  Rajinikanth being ambivalent on making his political bow for the 2021 Tamil Nadu assembly polls and hinting that he would announce his political stand after consultation with his fans club, BJP is hopeful. In a note purportedly written by the actor, he allegedly has cited the Covid-19 pandemic, his age, health condition and uncertainty over the availability of a vaccine as reasons for his decision to call it quits.

But the BJP is still optimistic that Rajinikanth will back those for the development of  Tamil Nadu and its nationalistic programmes. The party is seeing hope in the actor’s previous statements where he has lauded Prime Minister Modi’s programmes and his leadership on many occasions. When asked about Rajinikanth keeping off politics due to the pandemic risk, Tamil Nadu BJP in-charge C T Ravi said that he wished for the good health of the actor.

Asked whether there are plans to reach out to Rajinikanth, Ravi said that the actor would support BJP’s vision for development and its strong nationalistic agenda and its programmes. He said the party has bright opportunities and wants to be an alternative on its own. He said the BJP is open to all those who believe in the party’s ideology and programmes. Ravi cited the recent entry to the party of film star Kushboo and IPS officer Annamalai.

“We are not in a hurry nor do we have illusions that we will turn the tables overnight in Tamil Nadu. We will proceed with a positive approach. We will see those who are getting disenchanted with the Dravidian parties joining us in the coming years, he said. In a bid to consolidate the Hindu votes, BJP plans to take out Vetrivel yatra, a month-long one, beginning from Tiruttani to launch their party campaign in the run-up to the assembly election slated in the mid of 2021.

Despite the opposition demand to ban its yatra, Ravi said that the party will launch its yatra and  tell the people on the need for change in Tamil Nadu and explain the party’s approach and vision for the development of  
Tamil Nadu.

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