Rajinikanth hand symbol similar to ours: Mumbai startup

NEW DELHI: A yogic symbol made popular by Rajinikanth may well be seen by the superstar’s fans as his calling card, but has got a young startup all worked up.

The hand position that the actor-and-would-be politician is known for is often likened to “apana mudra”, a yoga finger and palm posture.

And now, Mumbai’s Voxweb, an 18-month-old social networking app, says that it is similar to its logo.

“If another company or brand has a similar logo, it will not matter much. But social media and political parties have quite a few similar traits – they have mass adoption, they are really close to their user base and so on. This creates a conflict,” Voxweb founder Yash Mishra said

The mudra is seen by Rajinikanth’s legion of followers as his trademark gesture, ever since he raised two fingers and folded two in his 2002 film ‘Baba’. The actor holds the two middle fingers down with his thumb and raises the little and index fingers in a broad vee.

The symbol figured prominently on the stage at a series of meetings addressed by the mega star recently. Fans also carried placards with the hand symbol.

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