S. Gurumurthy Exclusive: Rajinikanth’s service to Tamil Nadu is going to be political in nature

Many say that actor Rajinikanth has quit politics before having formally entered it, but Thuglak Editor and Rajini’s close confidante S. Gurumurthy says there more to recent announcement than meets the eye. In an exclusive conversation with Zee Media, Gurumurthy says Rajini can play a significant role in the 2021 Tamil Nadu Assembly elections without having to formally entered electoral politics.

Excerpts from an exclusive interview…

When I came to know of his health setback in Hyderabad, the question had risen in my mind — “will he be able to fulfil his announcement?” He spoke to me after that and we keep speaking regularly. I knew Covid-19 is one issue, but the real worry is Blood pressure fluctuation affecting the transplanted kidney, and this is exactly what happened in Hyderabad. There’s a possibility of this leading to the kidney being rejected. In case he starts a party and something goes wrong later, then the purpose, objective will be defeated. Floating a party will anyway lead to mental and physical stress, so I feel that the decision he has taken now is right. He didn’t do this just for personal safety, but his very vision and plan would be under risk, had he gone ahead.

I know that his intention and what he wanted to achieve by starting his party won’t happen. But he has a role to play in politics and that role is necessary for Tamil Nadu and he is thinking about this, that’s my observation.

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